Enhanced Motor Performance And Reliability

As a world leader in DC drive technology, our innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability & energy efficiency.

Mentor MP integrates the control platform from the world’s leading intelligent AC drive technology making it the most advanced DC drive available. With optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability, the Mentor MP drive allows you to maximize motor performance & enhance system reliability. Interface digitally with modern control equipment using Ethernet & fieldbus networks. It is very easy to retrofit from Mentor II & for high power configuration.

The Ultimate DC drive


Easy to set-up and commission

Greater motor field control including built in field controller as standard. Enhanced field control with FXMP25, The FXMP25 may be controlled digitally by using a standard RJ45 connection, allowing set-up by standard drive parameters. Enhanced system design. The heatsink cooling fans are intelligently controlled and only run when required, thus increasing reliability and reducing maintenance. Quick and easy to set-up that can be configured using optional removable keypads.

Drive intelligence and system integration

Mentor MP has an inbuilt controller programmable with SyPTLite. Develop tailored solutions for applications modules with SyPTPro, SyPTPro is a fully featured automation development environment that can be used for developing tailored solutions for single or multiple drive applications.
Create an intelligent networked system with CTNet. Which is a high-speed, deterministic drive-to-drive network links the drives, SCADA and I/O together form an intelligent networked system, with SyPTPro managing both the programming and communications.

Machine communications flexibility 

Option modules for all common Industrial Ethernet fieldbus networks such as Ethernet IP & ProfiNet. Servo networks such as Ethercat are also available.

SM-Applications & CTNet allow machine designers to design an easy gateway into which customers are able to interface using their preferred fieldbus or Ethernet interface. This solution improves the machine performance, simplifies the problem of being able to meet customer specifications for different fieldbus communications & helps to protect your intellectual property.