Powerdrive F300

1.1 kW – 2.8 MW (1.5 - 4,200 hp)
200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Powerdrive F300 is designed to control all AC induction motors and sensorless permanent magnet motors on the market. Even greater performance and energy efficiency savings can be achieved with our Dyneo® package which includes the Powerdrive F300 and the LSRPM permanent magnet motor.

Flexible functionality, minimizing your resources
  • Provides flexibility in cabinet mounting options and functionality including I/O and fieldbus communications
  • The F300 is a flexible solution for panel mounting, integration into systems and wall mounting in clean environments. Automation centres can provide built-to-order cabinet solutions, ideally matching customer requirements.
  • Comprehensive on-board drive programming available for fan, pump and compressor applications
  • On-board PLC provides extensive IEC 61131-3 compliant programming functionality without the additional cost
  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Best in class efficiency from matched motor and drive combinations
  • Enables conformance with the latest EC efficiency regulations through the control of AC induction motors and Ultra Efficient IE4 PM/ Super Nema Premium Motors.
Ease and speed of design, build and commissioning
  • Smaller drive dimensions to allow for easier, more economical installation
  • Programming software enables rapid, clear code development and the drive interface and PC tools also allow fast, simple drive commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance
  • Equipped with wide motor control functionality flexible to ventilation, pumping and compression application needs, which can be rapidly accessed to exacting levels of flow control
  • Comprehensive I/O offering boosts component connectivity
  • Multiple fieldbus protocols are supported
  • Wide power range from 1.1kW through to 2.8MW to suit your fan, pump and compressor rating
  • Fan and pump macros with PC Tools provide fast, simple access to flow performance
  • Two PID Controllers with anti-windup and user scaling provide flow-specific functionality
  • Logic functions including 'and' , 'or', 'invert', 'binary sum' and 'timer' achieved through easy menu setup
  • Real-time clock available on the KI-HOA Keypad RTC included in standard offer
  • Water hammer control with S-ramp deceleration
  • Catch a spinning motor
  • On-board Fire Mode allowing run to failure in the event of a fire for the extraction of smoke
  • Low load condition monitoring and hysteresis for broken belt and dry pump detection
Flexible I/O range
  • I/O specific to pumping, ventilation and compression application
    1. 2 x analog input, 2 x analog output, 3 x digital input,
    2. 3 x configurable digital output; 2 x form C relay output,
    3. 1 x Safe Torque Off input
Safe Torque Off
  • Safe Torque Off functionality can remove the need for a contactor and can avoid a complete power-down for safe access to machinery
Harmonics and drive conformance
  • Low harmonic emissions and achieves high conformance levels.

Key data

  • 1.1 kW – 2.8 MW (1.5 - 4,200 hp)
  • Supply phases: 3 phase

Standard features


  • Onboard PLC

Onboard comms:

  • RS485


  • 1 x Safe Torque Off (STO) terminal
  • SIL3/PLe compliant


  • Hand-Off-Auto control keypad as standard

Option slots:

  • 3

Parameter cloning via:

  • PC tools
  • Smartcard
  • SD card
100 V (100 V - 120 V ± 10%)  
​200 V (200 V - 240 V ± 10%) ​✓
​400 V (380 V - 480 V ± 10%) ​✓
​575 V (500 V - 575 V ± 10%) ​✓
​690 V (500 V - 690 V ± 10%) ​✓
​Open loop vector or V/Hz induction motor control
​Open loop Rotor Flux Control for induction motors (RFC-A) ​✓
​Open loop permanent magnet motor control (RFC-S)


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Brochure Powerdrive F300 Iss 5   PDF  
Application brochure MD2 5216b   PDF  

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Powerdrive F300 User Guide Issue 2   PDF  
Powerdrive F300 Getting Started Guide English Iss5   PDF  
Installation Manual 4972c   PDF  
Comissioning Manual MD2 & FX 4617d   PDF