E200 és E300

Control Techniques a lift-iparban is vezető szállítója a hajtástechnológiai berendezéseknek. Szabályzó eszközünk számos lift alkalmazásban működik világszerte. Globális hajtásközpont hálózat támogatásával biztosítani tudjuk a helyi szaktudást, a szakmai támogatást, valamint az erős és megbízható termékek gyors szállítását.

E200 and E300 - Dedicated elevator drives that are easy to set-up and optimize while providing class-leading ride comfort

Rapid set-up and adjustment
  • Simple and intuitive parameter adjustment via a bright back-lit LCD keypad
  • Set-up in familiar elevator language and units
  • Easy to use menu structure for quick and simple access to key adjustments
  • Top level menu; all your frequently needed functions in one location
  • No de-roping for encoder phasing test, no need to rotate motor
Optimum ride comfort
  • Direct-to-floor positioning
  • Peak curve operation
  • High resolution multi-step S-ramp for start, run, slowdown and stopping
  • Ultra-fast current loop for vibration free motor control
  • Advanced brake control management, no rollback on starting without the need of load sensor
Silent operation
  • No motor contactors required, advanced EN81-1/2 TÜV certified STO enable input
  • High switching frequencies selectable up to 16 kHz
  • Variable speed cooling fan
Energy efficient
  • Standby sleep/wake mode, powers down unused circuitry during prolonged periods of standby
  • Easy connection to a range of regenerative modules
Flexible integration
  • Modbus RTU communications
  • Parallel I/O interface
  • +/- 10V analog reference control
  • Direct RS485 comms control
  • Tile mount for low profile shaft mounting
  • 24 Vdc backup
  • Simple UPS connection with load direction signal
  • Dynamic braking transistor fitted to all drives as standard
  • Active thermal management for tripless operation under extreme conditions
  • Advanced power circuit design using latest IGBT technology
  • Conformal coating for use in harsh environments
  • Building on the market leading position as the industry’s most robust drive
  • Phase loss detection on both input and output
Enhanced elevator data logger
  • User configurable, for example speed reference, speed feedback, current and I/O sequence can all be recorded for every car journey
  • Can be stored in the event of system fault
  • Available for offline viewing to aid system diagnostics

Key data

  • Dedicated Elevator drive

Standard features

Onboard comms

  • RS485 communications port MODBUS RTU with integrated command word and built in watchdog


  • 1 x Safe Torque Off (STO) terminal
  • SIL3/PLe compliant


  • Dedicated elevator keypad supplied as standard, providing:
    1. Intuitive elevator application menu structure
    2. Easy click-in keypad connection
    3. Easy-to-use menu and parameter structure
    4. Local and remote mounting
    5. Real-time clock

Option slots

  • 3

Parameter cloning via

  • PC tools
  • Smartcard
  • SD card